Saturday, December 1, 2012

friday favorites

I know it's not technically Friday anymore, but shhh. It's only a little bit after, right?

This is a new themed day where I post my favorite things from this week. It will probably be a lot of clothes and jewelry because I do a lot of online window shopping. However, there might be tutorials, knitting patterns, nerdy ecology things, songs, events, whatever I feel like! I think I will probably stick with five things a week so as to not overwhelm you.

So here's my favorites for this week:

on the mark necklace from stella&dot

They have some very cute jewelry, including some crazy bib necklaces but simpler pieces like this one. Their prices are a bit high, but I think I would splurge for something simple and classic like this. Also, they are structured like Mary Kay or Avon, so if you know anyone selling stella&dot, it's always a good way to help them out!

native grasses of ca poster from acorn naturalists

This poster was hanging outside in the hallway branching to the offices of my previous and current plant ecology professors and TAs. It makes me smile. My favorite is Poa secunda.

ca roots decal from we are california grown

I saw this on the back of a Prius on the way to a doctor's appointment and it made me very happy. I love the dual meaning of roots in this and how it speaks to the CA native in me.

fresh face masks from lush
clockwise: catastrophe cosmetic, brazened honey, love lettuce

I've been snooping on their site for a little, and I love what I see! Luxury beauty products made of all natural ingredients, and quite potent and enjoyable according to user reviews. I wouldn't replace all my products with Lush because of their price to size ratio, but I would love a good face mask.

drawing for a shirt by anke weckmann

I am not sure which is the original coloration. The right is what is on her website, but the left I found saved on my computer. I can never quite get over this drawing. It seems so perfect in so many ways. I love her use of color, her simple yet adorable drawing style, and the constant appearance of teacups and knitted items and cats in everything she makes.

And one last thing thrown in for good measure:

The college home stretch really can be that sometimes. The next two weeks particularly.

I'm off! To a land of tea and coffee galore, sleepless nights, cramming, writing writing writing, synthesis and just plain ol' memorization, and maybe some desperation tears. See you on the other side!

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