Monday, December 3, 2012

craft: cyanobacteria blanket

I learned to crochet a long time ago from my grandma. While my mom knew how too, she was too lazy to make anything, while my grandma practiced it often. We had crocheted stool covers, doilies, potholders, toilet seat covers, and other utilitarian items. She never made us hats or scarves; instead, she made things for the house. I first picked up a hook probably around 10 years old, and after practicing a little on the scrap yarn my grandma had laying around, I set my mind on making a purse for myself. I bought some funky pink furry yarn from Michael's and crocheted a square about the size of my hand before I quite. Leave it to me to take on, as my first project, crocheting a giant purse using the weirdest, most difficult type of yarn.

I don't crochet much anymore, I have converted to the ways of knitters. I find knitting more versatile and the stitches more elegant and dainty. I love making cables and eyelets and the comforting sound of needles clacking and gliding against each other. Still, crocheting is easier to me because it doesn't require a pattern. It is more open to free-forming and it is forgiving.

So I usually use it for utilitarian items now as well, for blankets and potholders and coasters.

So...the Cyanobacteria Blanket.

This is a blanket almost 5 years in the making. I bought the yarn 5 years ago when I first decided I wanted to learn to knit. It manifested itself as a simple garter scarf, then was ripped out and transformed into a cowl, and now it sits in shoeboxes, stacked upon each other in its new form as granny squares (er, circles).

The name came about from cyanobacteria's old name, blue-green algae, and also from the bacteria's blue-green color. I use this tutorial with an I hook or something? (See how forgiving?) I believe I have about 60 or 70 of these circles, if my crude estimating proves correct. Which only leaves about a hundred plus to go, plus the borders! I'm sure it'll be finished some time before I die.

Ok, back to the corner for more work for the college home stretch!

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