Wednesday, November 28, 2012

nail polish wednesdays

I'm going to try something out. I would love to blog on a semi-regular basis. I was originally inspired by blogs such as The Dainty Squid and elycia, both adorable and well-maintained blogs. I had high aspirations for my own based on these prime examples, but time constraints and my perpetual laziness will never let that happen. So I think I'm going to try out themed days, and hopefully that will have me blogging at least more regularly. I may still miss a few, or go a week having missed all the themes, or may blog 8 times before I reinstate a theme day again. Who knows! Not me.

But I had a few ideas for themed days, such as nail polish days on Wednesdays and the loveable Friday Favorites, and possibly a craft project Monday (of all the projects I started but have yet to finish, probably in the 30s now...). Some of these may come down to reviews of things, since I don't finish a project or do my nails every week.

I'll still have those horribly long compilation blog posts too, don't worry.

I applied for the Julep Maven nail polish box a few months back, since they had a special deal where a code got you a box for one penny.

But then I forgot to cancel it. They had already taken the money from my account, so I decided to get the October box anyway. Except I had moved so many times in the past few months that they sent it to the wrong place! I asked to get it resent, and they were nice enough to do that!

What came in the box: 3 nail polishes, two pots of glitter, and candy corn

I had heard the angry commotion about there being a crackle polish in this box, but I didn't mind since I don't own any crackles. I don't know if I am a fan of that look, but it seems fun nonetheless!

I was immediately attracted to Leslie, a black polish with thousands of tiny silver specks of glitter. The bottle shines so nicely when held to light! However, on the nail it's just a nice black. The silver glitter comes out sometimes under light, but barely.

I had the black nails for one day before I got absolutely bored and followed this simple tutorial by The Beauty Department (pssst: all you need is a mechanical pencil!) and Wet n Wild's Silvivor. Needless to say, my left hand looked significantly better than my right. I skipped the flocking because who wants furry nails?! 

I suppose this one might want furry nails. Erik's sister's dog Lexi taking a rest after a Thanksgiving run Erik & I did.

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