Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I know, I know! It's been a while. I got caught up with school and finals week and everything. I just recently decided I wanted to make Dean's List at least once before I graduated from undergrad, so I decided to focus on school as much as possible.

And as you can imagine, little time for blogging has also meant little time for crafting.
I still managed to do things though.

I did things while I studied!

Darwin with a plate of egg, brussel sprouts, leeks, chickpeas, kale, etc.

TED talks video on sustainability for extra credit while knitting.

Eating a freshly picked salad from an edible salad garden in front of my department building in the midst of finals week! So cool, it's student run and chock full of chard, lettuce, carrots, green onions, kale, pansies, sugar snap peas, endless veggies galore. I volunteer with them once in a while.

I procrastinated by doing my nails!

Simple neon polka dots (with bikes in the background!)

Stripes on the ring finger (the main color is more beige in real life)

I spent time with Erik!
Tulip enjoying the view

He brought me flowers after I jokingly complained he never brought me flowers. Bouquet of yellow tulips. Put this one in my room in an old beer bottle.

I helped keep our zoo in order!

My roommate's two dogs: 
Dexter, part pit part border collie.

 Emma Scout, all Welsh Corgie. Not to be confused with our friend Emma Cox, who raked our backyard!

And the cat we are catsitting for: 

I finally finished a knitting project!

My roommate Andrew with his beanie. 

Unfortunately, now I'm in Long Beach and getting sick...again. Completely destroys my plans of seeing my baby cousin, who is only 3 weeks old, and my wish to give her the hat and socks I knit for her. But I went out with Laura today and went to Zephyr, a local vegan restaurant that has connections to the summer camp I used to go to, for vegan Taco Tuesday. We then went to this extremely cute bakery called Shortnin Bread (old 50s interior with aprons, an old pastel oven, tea jars for tip jars, and endless cuteness) and picked up delicious treats, and ate them at the park on the bluff alongside the beach. A great treat to a long long adruous few weeks.

There's a cream puff in there. Absolutely delicious, not too sweet, and love the box! 

I've also started a new small knitting project. I know what you're saying. Alisa! Don't you have to finish that scarf/mittens/socks/hat/etc. etc.? It's a really short project though, and one that I'm enjoying immensely in its simplicity (I'll put up photos next round). Once this is done I plan on revisiting my lair of unfinished projects...as well as tea/wine dyeing that dreaded fabric that's just been sulking in my room. 

How are you enjoying the coming of spring?

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