Saturday, April 21, 2012

flashes of time

Has it really been 1 whole month since I last wrote anything?! That is a little horrifying. So much happened since I last wrote anything that I will have to split it up into two posts!

I recently found out one of my favorite (ex) band members of The Shins, Marty Crandall, used to date a little miss Elyse Sewell aka one of my favorite former contestants on ANTM (America's Next Top Model, for those of you out of the loop). Turns out their long relationship ended in a little domestic violence charges and a big old mess.

ANYWAY, aside from all that nastiness, I am telling you this because this is how I ended up on Elyse Sewell's Livejournal blog. I mostly read a lot of things about Korea since she's now modeling a lot in Asian countries, and it made me miss my home country a lot. But I stumbled upon this fashion look she's been trying out, the "primary colors look". I think that names explains what the whole deal is.

Elyse looking super cute in primary colors, and also looking very much like her surroundings.

Now, I'm not really much of a primary colors gal, more of a blue-green-neutrals-other colors thrown in. Basically, I have no rhyme or reason to my fashion sense besides my attraction to green and blue hues. But I thought, hey, that's pretty cool! I want to try that! And then I acquired this beauty from my Mom and thought, "Well I HAVE to try it now!".

You read that label right. Genuine Kate Spade. She got it pretty cheap from Marshalls, but it's still the most expensive bag I own to date. The oddity is that both the super fashionable bags I own, I inherited from my mother. The other is an across-the-shoulder saddle bag made of white leather with brown trim, and it's the perfect size to fit my camera, wallet, and cell phone. It's nice to have a fashionable mother sometimes!

This was my attempt at primary color dressing.

The colors.

I also opted to wear this boot/sock duo. I got these pseudo cowboy boots from Korea. Socks are nice Merino socks from Target, argyle for the win!

While I had my camera out, I took a better picture of the hat I knitted for Erik. Look at all those cables!! As far as I know, I didn't even make a mistake either. He seems to enjoy it too.

On the quest to buy more local:

There's a farmer's market on campus that's starting up again, and I know a few of the organizers to help it be more sustainable. I headed over after class with one of my roommates and bought chard and dino kale, a dollar a bundle, and a few oranges. This was the stir fry I made later, with onions, chard, and kale. A nice mix of soy sauce, olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, and a few other spices (cayenne, coriander, I don't remember) and it was a nice and simple, delicious meal. 

And I FINALLY dyed my fabric!!

Giant pot I borrowed from a generous friend. It is large and it is sturdy.

Tea dyeing. I made the mistake of using loose leaf, but this was just a conglomerate of tea I had drank over some months. The loose leaf ended up getting stuck in the fabric.

Hanging out to dry.

Wine dyeing! So so pretty. That magenta is so nice.

The quilt so far.

I didn't take after pictures because the color was a little hard to capture. It was very clear that the tea dye was very unsuccessful and the wine dye quite successful. The wine dye left my fabric a rusty rose color, while my tea dye just makes it look like it got a little brown from some dust and sun. In hindsight, I probably didn't have enough tea to give it that darker brown color. It should be interesting how the fabric crochets into the rug and looks with everything. 

Second part coming up! Lots of cute San Francisco photos and lots of outdoorsy photos. 

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