Wednesday, January 30, 2013

plant collection

Pretty recently, I went to my local Goodwill and came back with a book that cost about 2 dollars.

It was published by Spring Books, this copy from 1963. Unfortunately all the plants in it are natives of England, but I bought it because I love the drawings. 

I think if I could draw I would have loved to be a naturalist and plants illustrator.

The book made me think of all the plant things I had recently collected. I haven't been studying plants for very long, but I've always been attracted to them. 


Graduation cap: I planned last minute on decorating my cap, so I ran to my front yard and hot glued some grasses and leaves on my cap. I'm pretty sure all the grasses were invasives, but it's okay.

Plant ID Books: These are a few books I stole borrowed from some close friends.

Mini posters: Left is from Jill Bliss when I ordered my wallet from her. It's a little postcard with poppies! The right is an herb postcard sent by the man who printed out the poster below it.

Native Grasses Poster: This is the same poster that is hanging on the wall between the offices of a few of my favorite plant professors at UC Davis. It's the same one that hangs in the meeting room of a plant nursery in San Francisco that I would love to one day work for.

Poppy art: I bought this at a craft fair a long time ago, when I was a little kid.

Welcome Home Garden Kit: Given to me for free at a very cute farm fair I worked at. It has a packet of many different vegetable seeds and recipes for the things you grow with them!

Grasses cards: I bought this as souvenir for the San Francisco Botanical Garden, which is so beautiful and inspiring. I also bought some native wildflower playing cards but can't find them anywhere :(

I hope my collection keeps growing, one day involving a thriving garden with fruit trees and plenty of house plants, along with a library filled with books on can dream!

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