Thursday, December 13, 2012

nails nails nails

Finals have been going...well, they're almost over. My undergrad career ends tomorrow, which is a little trippy but mostly very relieving. I am sure the upcoming months will be hard too, but I am ready to start a new, slowerpace of life without as many all-nighters.

I missed all my posts this past week, so I'll make up for nails today with a couple posts combined.

I tried a few days ago to mimic this nail design by Kaylah from The Daily Squid (her nail designs are really quite simple and flawless) but I'm too embarrassed to post the results. Essentially, they started out looking pretty and ended up a big old mess. I made the mistake of using Julep's Blake, a pastel yellow that everyone seems to like but I have horrible application problems with. It always seems very thick going on and takes absolutely forever to completely dry. I find myself ruining my nails three hours after I have painted them.

This day, I unexpectedly had things to do right after I painted my nails, so I scuffed them a little. I came home, tried to fix them, and waited two hours to dry then went to sleep. Apparently that wasn't enough because I woke up the next day with the most textured, bumpy nails I have ever seen. Definitely not what I was aiming for :(

Maybe I will retry this look in the future, with either plenty of drying time or different nail polishes. Until then, here are a few that came out a little better.

I wore Julep's Caroline for Thanksgiving 
(forgive the messiness, I had been wearing it for a while by the time I took photos!)

Look at the red glitter! Reminds me of leaves

My sloppy version of this. I just made some messy dots.

L to R: Chic by Revlon, Bolting Blue by Milani, Party Palace Blue by Confetti, I Need A Refresh-Mint by Wet 'n Wild, and Silvivor by Wet 'n Wild fastdry


I finally caved in and bought this super cheap matte nail polish. $2 (on sale) for NYC Matte Me Crazy. It definitely makes the polish matte, although I found the matte wears off in a few days and leaves it glossy again. I'm excited to experiment with it more!

I'm really in the ultimate home stretch, the last 24 hours before my last final evarrrr!!!! Unfortunately it is also my hardest final, learning about soil processes and genesis. At least I enjoy this material, otherwise this would be much more painful.

What's your recent nail endeavors, whether successful or not?

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