Monday, December 24, 2012

daily fluctuations

I haven't done any postings in a while. And I probably won't for a little bit longer.

I'm moving! Again! My life is one large upheaval. It's pretty hard not having a permanent location, own real furniture, or consistently changing roommates. I'm not homeless or badly off, I promise, it's just been a large string of somewhat unfortunate events. I'm settled down for now, at least until June when my housing situation gets more complex or until I get a job that includes housing in the Bay Area, at which point it's up in the air again. 

I have moved ~6 times in the last 6 months, if counting moving all my main things to one house while moving necessities to someone's room for a month as two moves. But in my entire life, I have probably moved over 18 times. My parents divorced when I was young, and my family was never normal, so we never really settled. And yet I have not lived out of this state, WHAT?!

Anyway, the moving (again) along with another unfortunate mishap of forgetting my computer in my room up north while I visit my family in Southern California will probably mean no posts for a week (two weeks total including last week). Maybe I will try to squeeze one in sometime this week, I have some great pictures from recent adventures I would love to share.

Until then, here's a rip from my cover photo off Facebook. I did take the photo at least. I don't know what grass it is, even though I should. 

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