Tuesday, October 9, 2012

brushing off the dust

The hardest part of having a blog is maintaining it! I struggle with updating it on a regular schedule, mostly because my schedule has a surprising lack of routine. As a college student about to graduate, I have been in various degrees of transition for the past six months. Various degrees of packing, traveling, working, and studying, but never to their full extent or complete lack of. I have my necessities unpacked but am still living out of boxes and have much of my belongings in storage, I've visited so many exciting places in Northern California but did not leave the state (except to a very small portion of Nevada while in Tahoe), I worked 20 hours but only on weekends, and I am a student now but in the laziest sense since it's my last quarter before I graduate.

Lack of routine leads to things falling by the wayside.

But it's still salvageable! A lack of routine does not necessarily mean a lack of action. I've tried more new things this summer and taken more risks than I have any other summer. I've kayaked, boated, learned to swim, backpacked, visited a water park, floated in Mono Lake, ran a race (5k!), all for the first time. I've been knitting again, and trying to keep up with school, and making money, and bulking up my resume for this shit job economy. I've visited friends, both old and recent, and kept up with them.

So here's a few photos from that, and here's to keeping this blog more updated!


Mono Lake

Yosemite (glacial striations)

Color Run, Sacramento

Point Reyes

Point Reyes

Point Reyes

Also, can I just say how amazing eating that pizza was after even a two day backpacking trip? It was heaven.

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