Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 doings

I have been doing things! 

I've been knitting a decent amount because it's "winter" now and my skin doesn't catch on fire when I touch yarn as it does in the summer. Winter is in quotes because this year California winter means 75 degree weather and no rain. I think it is the driest year in California in 300 years. Except it is raining right now, which hallelujah!

Scarf for a friend.

 If I am knitting a Noro striped scarf, does that officially make me 75 years old? Or Jared Flood? I'll take either.

Jar cozy for the hipsteriest of friends.

Jar cozy #2, in a hard-to-see chevron pattern

The whole "winter" thing is no joke. It was warm enough to go hiking the past two weekends.

Lake Berryessa, looking mighty low. 

Erik, looking mighty pissed (he wasn't)

Hiking selfies, cause duh.

And then I've been working. The past two weeks have been pretty enjoyable, as usually I go absolutely crazy being inside for this long, but I was assigned to take photos of seedlings in a greenhouse. It's close enough to being outside, and except for the one time when I almost passed out after underestimating how hot it gets in there, I enjoy the warmth and fake sunshine, much like these little dudes. 

Baby Gilia capitata. They are just so gummy and adorable!!

Eschscholzia californica, having no problem establishing. Water and sunlight?! I'm ready to GROW!

Didja miss me? I missed you!

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  1. Hi Alisa! Yes, I've missed you on Tuesday afternoons too. We are no longer meeting at It's A closed. We then moved to Java Jungle on Vernon St. in closed. (seeing a pattern yet?) I suggested we maybe check with some of those senior living communities..maybe they would have a room they aren't using at the time we meet. We found one, and it's beautiful!!! It's called Sunrise Senior Living, on the corner of Sunset and Hazel. Parking seems to be a problem for some, but I think we're going to be able to work that out. Anyway, if you ever want to hang out with us "old peeps" again, now you know where to find us. :) Looks like you are doing well, and I LOVE your Noro's gorgeous!!! Deedee


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