Friday, January 18, 2013

friday favorites

These are my favorites for this week! Such a chilly week in California, whenever we go out we have to pour hot water over our windshield to melt the ice. I'm not used to doing that unless it's very early or late usually. I know, Californians and their weather, we are so spoiled. Although the northern part does get cold, if I do say so myself.

                                  baby whale broach                            ::                     wood triangles pendant

TheTwentyFingers has some very cute brooches and necklaces! These are some of my favorites but the shop has many cute things. Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid had me considering brooches as accessories lately, something I had never really considered.

I have been looking for a nice camera bag, and this bag is so great. I love that it doubles as a really stunning messenger bag as well. It's something I'll definitely have to save up for though. But my SLR needs a case stat!

I love this beer. I picked it up from my local market a few days ago. I am a total girl when it comes to drinking, preferring fruity and sweet over...nasty? I jest, but I definitely prefer pale ales to IPAs and stouts. This seasonal Shock Top is essentially hard cider mixed with beer. Delicious, since hard cider is sometimes too sweet for me but a lot of beers are hard for me to drink.

Unfortunately, I don't know the original sources of these. But I found them on my friend Rachael's Pinterest board, which I have been looking at a lot recently to motivate myself to get off my butt. She's extremely motivated and confident, and these quotes remind me that I should be too. The above were my favorites, the first because I need to be reminded that being introverted and a homebody aren't exactly bad characteristics, and the second because I love Kerouac and everything he stands for.

I was looking for dresser knobs a few days ago since the one I got second-hand was missing 4 of 6 of its knobs. I eventually ended up getting them from Lowes for cheap, but I knew that Anthropologie would have ones that would make my heart melt. And they do. I would love these for my future home. 

What is something on your Friday favorites list?

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