Friday, June 22, 2012


I'll update about my nails another day, but there were three pretty big things that happened recently.

The first thing is that SUMMER BREAK IS HERE! Specifically, my last one ever since...

I graduated college!! (sort of)

Me with my cute Asian parents

I didn't actually graduate. I know, I know, I'm wearing the cap and gown, but I'm staying on another quarter to finish the classes I didn't take last fall quarter when I withdrew after being burnt out from work and school.

But I am so glad I decided to walk this spring, since I almost didn't. It was so nice to be able to see everyone off and experience commencement together with everyone, some which I had met freshman year and some which I had met last quarter.

I also felt very special, being one of the seven last graduates ever for Environment & Resources Science, since the major ended our year.

One of the of Last 7!

My graduation present from my mom (ceramic cups made by a friend of hers), along with...

The second thing, which is that I got a new camera for a graduation gift (again, sort of, I bought it beforehand as a gift to myself mostly).

The second photo is...not stellar...because I'm still new and I was just fiddling with it on the first day.

It is fantastic. It's a Canon Rebel X Si  that I bought it off a friend, which is nice because he was able to use it to pay off his new better camera, and I got it for cheaper! Win win win win win.

The third thing is I started a summer job which is in my field of work and pays not too shabby! The job is to educate people at Lake Berryessa about keeping the lake clean. The lake is about an hour drive from my house. Me and another intern give boater surveys and talk to picnickers about ways they can preserve the cleanliness of the water.

And this is part of my job. Luckily only a small portion, although it is actually really cute how some kids love Bilgee the bilge pad.

As you can see, lots of things have been happening in my life! Hopefully back to the more mundane soon :)

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